Speakers: Andy Barke (Google, Industry Head UK) & Duncan Fisher (Latitude)

Andy Barke talks about Google’s view on mobile:

Things you need to know about the internet:

  1. 36% UK smartphone penetration
  2. 15% of all search quieries coming through mobile devices
  3. 23% of all time on internet on mobile

Things you need to know about M-commerce:

  1. 10%of UK shoppers use smartphones to haggle instore
  2. 90% of uk shoppers use smartphones to check prices instore
  3. £38m value of UK mobile advertising market

Mobile cultural trends:

Growing: 50% of users on mobile start with search

Social: 40% of tweets on mobile and 100m Facebook mobile users

Mobile search is growing. It’s useful, it’s measurable. Those that are struggling to see the value should be splitting out their campaigns.

Click to call feature is 30% more likely to convert into a call than just a number.

Duncan Fisher from Latitude will focus on paid search for mobile:

Mobile is even more influenced by Google than desktop!

Since the start of 2010, number of clicks and impressions are quickly improving, yet cost per clicks are increasing at a slower rate, offering real value

CPC almost half on mobile than that of desktop, again, offering value.

Gaming sector leading the way in clicks on mobile devices, followed by automotive and retail sectors.

Duncan also backed up Andy’s view that campaigns need to be separated in order to see trends within mobile traffic coming to your site. Track the user journey experience in order to improve it in the future.

Adformats on mobile: click-to-call, site links, click to download and hyperlocal

What’s next?

  • Continued rise in search volumes
  • More tools to analyse data
  • Improved targeting options
  • Admob integration in Adwords?