Keynote speaker: Richard Dennys, Chief Marketing Officer @Qype_CMO

Local, social and mobile are the three key themes at the moment and QYPE covers all three. Richard has come over from their head office in Hamburg.

QYPE is a social network. It’s the largest local review site and is in over 10 countries. Reviews get posted into Google Places, which is appreciated by small businesses.

It has a reward scheme, where the user gives reviews, photos etc and they get rewards in return.


1.5million active users 2 million reviews. Revenues come from businesses can buy pages, plenty of affiliates, badges…

19million user visits. 70,000 check ins in the last month. 11.6 million places have been reviewed. 200,000 businesses have got involved.

They’re moving into a marketplace and coupon model. It’s going well

Panda did mean an initial drop in user visits for QYPE, but they have recovered. Income growth has not been effected.

Social commerce is important, 90% people trust friends. 75% of people don’t believe that companies tell the truth in adverts. 63% of people read reviews before making a decision.

QYPE problem model: Angry: tell friends, write letter, speak to customer service centre in India. That was rubbish, so they turned it on its head and now talk to people more.

Mobile is the future: UK smartphone adoption nearly doubled in a year. In a year, Blackberry has increased by 7%, Android has doubled, Apple 9% – 16% Share of the market in a year. Windows just paid them to develop an app for Windows mobile. All strategic stuff is about hyper-local mobile stuff. Businesses can target specific people based on profile and geo-location.

Eric Schmidt, Executive Chair, Google Inc Said:

4g is coming to the UK. Super devices (Moores’ Law) will be able to store more documents you’ve ever used and will ever use. In fact will store all the documents that have ever been created in the history of time. Ooooo. And prices will drop so much that everyone will be able to own smartphones.

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