Nichola Stott, Stuart Bruce (All star PR),  Claire Thomson (SEO PR Training),  Barry Adams (Pierce Communications)

Stuart Bruce

Public reactions is easy to track. It’s objectives are usually around influencing and changing opinion. Use a tracking survey. At start and end of campaign. Map business objectives, to communication objectives then create KPI’s. A lot of work is often media neutral.

Most PR agencies will have a core account team and also have support people for specialist projects such as video, web etc. Although now most PR’s need a range of skills in order to turn stuff around quickly.

Barry Adams

Journalists aren’t like Superman. News is a business. Journalists make up a small percentage of a news agency. Marketing, advertising, classifieds etc  make up more.

their measurement of success is circulation. Sometimes they boost circulation with free giveaways. Important because more eyes on the paper = more ad spend. BUT – circulation doesn’t work any more as we’re online now. But it’s not an equal measure online as classified sites such as Gumtree have grown, so businesses can’t claim this any more and advertising alone won’t cover costs.

They haven’t yet found a replacement business model. Paywalls don’t work. Paid apps haven’t taken off. Advertising is plummeting and circulation is dropping.

Barry predicts that in under 15 years, HALF of all print papers will be gone. Basic news will be free, advanced news will cost.

In the meantime… newspapers will cling to old business models, costs will be cut, newsrooms will become emptier, newspapers will be filled with more fluff, pageviews will be the measurement of choice.


  • Give a newspaper what they want:
  • Pay to get content on their site
  • Send traffic to their site. Supply them with specialised content they otherwise wouldnt get.
  • buy content, buy links, sponsor news sections.


  • They need to be helped in to the 21st Century. Many are still old fasioned
  • Build an app for a newspaper
  • Sell your SEO services
  • Become their online marketing partner

Claire Thompson

There will be a time when we have a big problem. Search copy is bad. Start thinking about reputation. Also train PR people. PR people can add so much to SEO, train them and let them do it. We should be talking more.


SPAM it if there’s a negative online reputation thing. BURY IT!