The second SAScon session is “Advanced PPC Techniques” with

Jon Myers, Director/ Duncan Fisher / Polly Pospelova / Gilli Goodman

Our takeaway points from the session can be found below:

Duncan Fisher – Quaity Score

  • Quality score “Is a prediction made by Google using a complex mathematical equation”.
  • Google’s perspective is “about showing the most relevant ads.”
  • Microsoft Adcenter provide a feedback tool for Quality Score
  • Better QS = cheaper clicks and higher rankings.
  • Viewable in Adwords and Adcenter platforms.
  • Suggested to export to excel and perform analysis e.g. pivot tables and charts.
  • List quality score in one column and no. of keywords in other to get a better feel for QS.
  • Add column for number of impressions to get a clearer view.
  • Focus optimisation at Ad Group Level.
  • Look at areas of high spending with low Quality Scores.
  • Normalise data, don’t use averages, can be misleading.
  • Ways to improve QS: don’t be afraid to pause and delete KW’s, look into search query reports, create smaller, more targeted Ad Groups.
  • Book, Quality Score in High Resolution.

Actionable Tips:

  • Account Health check,
  • Normalise Data,
  • Consider Action.

Polly Pospelova – Quality Score – ROI

  • Ad position determined by Ad Rank = CPC Bid x CPC.
  • QS Parameters – CTR, Relevance and Landing Page.
  • CTR is biggest factor.
  • QS is also based on user experience.
  • How to create large scale QS improvements? Look at landing page, analyse keyword, interpret intent and construct landing page with content and layout relevant to that keyword.
  • Create several landing pages with high volume keywords in mind.
  • Result from increased QS – increased clicks, conversions, reduce CPC, improve ROI.

Gilli Goodman from Google- Mobile, Remarketing and Automation

  • Automated Rules – e.g’s. raise CPC’s to first/top of page bid for certain phrases. Can also be used to ensure brand terms are position 1. Can pause/enable ads, ad groups and campaigns. Change daily budget to incorporate buying trends/conversion rate.
  • Remarketing tips – get customers to visit on several occasions e.g. around Easter, Christmas. Up sell from free trial to purchase. Cross sell across sites and products, use different creative and offers. Stagger discounts (1st creative one discount, second discount further discount).
  • Mobile – Split mobile and tablet targeted campaigns. Consider geo targeting options with mobile and tailor creative. Make sure landing page is mobile friendly. Use Analytics to review mobile performance.