This SAScon session is “Delivering Insights from Social Media” with:

  • Kristal Ireland, Propoganda Agency
  • Philip Coen, Social Media Ventures
  • Robin Wilson, McCann
  • Simon Alexander, Carat
  • Andrew Grill, Kred
  • Danielle Fudge, Forward

What are the key metrics for social platforms?

  • For Twitter, the effectiveness of linguistics used, interactions, and retweets
  • What people take from tweets
  • Most important thing is determining how to analyse metrics in a business sense; pick out your objectives early
  • ‘Outreach’ is the likelihood of people engaging with your social media account
  • Develop a model in which the metrics you are collecting bear relevance to traditional marketing metrics
  • Traditional marketing models cannot simply be discarded now social is here. Also helps bridge gap between agencies and clients
  • Social platforms are disruptive to marketing as they give users a voice which people do listen to

Discussion arose as to last year’s Yeo Valley advert, shown during the X Factor and made using all of the company’s ad budget. It told a story and got people talking. This was called “smart marketing” Andrew Grill from Kred, although it was debated as to whether every firm should use it as an example.

The ‘Like’

Philip Coen cited research which found that people ‘Liked’ brands that they had already bought from, rather than had intentions to buy from for the first time. This developed into an aside on Google Instant and how that whole process essentially tracks users journeys and intent from the moment the first key is pushed on the keyboard.


Sentiment is really hard to develop in social, the panel agreed. However, they also agreed that the vast variables involved mean it isn’t the ‘be all end all’.  Danielle Fudge says her company has a set system of positive and negative words for use with each client i.e. a youth company would use ‘sick’ in a positive way, while a health company would use it negatively.

 Key strategies and tools for identifying and user social influencers

Andrew Grill brings up bloggers and their importance, adding that it is a very good idea for people to know their social tools very well before taking stock from their results. He also said that big companies are now looking for “unsigned bloggers”.


  • Danielle Fudge: “People see social media as a free area – ‘Why should we spend any money on it?'”
  • A good reporting method is simply sticking tweets into a Word Cloud and seeing what comes out. This will be what is being spoken about
  • Robin Wilson recommended putting analytics in context showing, for example, ‘TV advert was shown here’. Mentioned importance of overlaying information
  • Coen: “B2B can be more successful than B2C using social media.”