SAScon Conference 2012, Manchester – Day 2

SAScon 2012

Dom Hodgson – Hodgetastic

Laurence O’Toole – Owner, Analytics SEO

Teddie Cowell – SEO Director, NetBooster

Malcolm Maybury – Director, 360spin

Chris Johnson – Agency Product Specialist, Google

Mobile Use in Local Search

  •  1 in 3 mobile searches are local (local modifier or maps query).
  • The trick is to fathom how keywords perform differently on mobile (compared to desktops)

Las Vegas Hotels campaign given as an example:

  • Desktop site geared towards out-of-towners/tourists – people who intend to visit Las Vegas.
  • Mobile sites are often (or should be) geared towards local search.
  • Importance of splitting your campaign between mobile and desktop.

 Google Wallet will become more important (a prediction…)

  • With this you can give customers offers through your paid search
  • Discounts from vouchers/offers will be discounted automatically upon buying.
  • Local targeting will make up a big chunk of these sort of campaigns

Google sitelinks change dynamically dependent on location

  • Google Places creates opportunities for SMEs – owners of small businesses can easily get their site visible  for locally relevant searches.
  • Businesses consider location or local search to be extremely important and relevant.

Google Business Photos

  •  This is ‘Street View’ but for the inside of your business premises.
  • Animated icons underneath the Google map to encourage people to “look inside”.
  • Currently 20 certified photographers in the UK.
  • Serves as an enhancement to your business listing.

A different view on local search….(from Lawrence O’Toole)

  • “Local Search” on Mobile is not as big as you think….yet”

What is Google’s definition of a “local search”?

  • Well it’s hard to define and it’s a bit of everything.
  • Half of mobile searches are being done through applications
  • Around 48% of mobile searches are unique to the user
  • Some advice: Optimise for local apps

What will local search look like in the future?

  •  Voice search
  •  Even more video
  • Near Field Communication (NFC)
  • Micro-payments
  • 4G


  • Optimise your location based pages for local search
  • Enhance your Google Places listing (with rich content)