The fourth SAScon session is “Mobile Marketing goes Mainstream” with

Richard Gregory/ Mark Kuhilow/ Ben Wightman/ James Hamlin

Our takeaway points from the session can be found below:

Ben Wightman – Latitude – Mobile Paid Search

  • Ben uses his mobile marketing report to announce the stats below.
  • Since June 2011 tablet and mobile click share has risen, this is also when tablet targeting was introduced to Adwords.
  • PPC managers should segment their campaigns to desktop, mobile and tablets.Study that was conducted by Latitude showed that in Q1 2012 click through rates were higher on mobile than tablet and desktop and also cost per clicks were lower on mobile devices by 45% compared to desktop clicks.
  • This study also shows that mobile has the lowest conversion rate at 1%, then tablet second lowest and desktop highest at around 3%. Tablet conversion rate is declining, possibly as tablets are getting more popular.
  • Average Order Values are highest on tablets, then come smartphones and last is deskops.
  • 70% of mobile search came from iPhones.
  • Prediction: In 2013 there will be as many clicks on a smartphone as there will be on desktops.
  • User location. Mobile searching by weather. Sun is shining there is more mobile search and less tablet search.
  • Future – Near Field Communication or pay by phone. The Olympics has been outlined as a launchpad and the Olympians will use these at the Games. Everything Everywhere, O2 and Vodafone have agreed to setup a display network to collect data from people so marketers can target them with more appropriate adverts.

Mark Kuhilow – Mymcart

  • Technology that has merged a phone, basket and a website.
  • This product is focused at SME’s.
  • The year of mobile is finally upon us.
  • 40.3m monthly PC users, 26.3m active mobile internet users and 3 million tablet owners (65% iPad)

Q. Paying a lot of money to send users through to the App Store, how can I increase Quality Score.

A. Focus on click through rate as it accounts for 65% of Quality Score. Alternatively use app optimisation and pay for installs to get featured higher in the App Store. AdMob was mentioned as an alternative.