Bas van den Beld, Search & Social Strategist & State of Search @basvandenbeld

We want what other people have.

  • E.g. Keeping up with the Jonses (recommends the film)
    The Jonses

Its hard to resist peer pressure

  • E.g. The Jagger train from the first last night of SASCon.

We can’t resist our kids

Search and social - supermarket targets kids

  • E.g supermarket gave away personal football cards with childs’ photo.
  • Music in store targeted pregnant mums to calm unborn babies, resulting in less temper tantrums in store after the child is born.
  • Kids music played encouraging kids to ask for candy (Amazing little dance By Bas Van Den Beld)


  • There’s normally a different story and outcome depending on who tells it. E.g. Dunkirk/Zeitgeist
  • Ultimate in social – Jesus :started with 12 followers… One of the disciples un-followed him… you know the rest…

Human beings need to connect with others.



  • Eric Schmidt (Google) – keep an eye on him, everything he says publicly preceeds a big change.
    Famously said recently “We know where you are, we know what you like”
  • Google is using connections, account data and social signals.
  • Social signals include:
    • Your identity and profile
    • Your friends and contacts
    • What you do
  • Google maps
    • You can perform a search on your desktop, move to your car, open Google navigation, and the address you just searched on your desktop is available immediately (if you’re logged in).
  • Google knows who you are connected to though your social graph.
  • Google knows that we trust the people we know, which is why they’re building social recommendations into the search results.
  • Click through rates have increased greatly for results with social recommendation.
  • They’re adding the ‘thank you’ button for shared content to encourage people to use Google Plus.

Facebook campaign for Obermuden

  • We need to have the right mindset and do the right type of marketing.
  • Obermuden tourist board said that if you like thier page, they’ll print your picture out and put your photo on their bulliten board in the village.
  • Their Facebook followers increased massively.
  • Tourism increased.


  • People wont trust you if you say you’re good, they will trust you if people say you’re good ( particularly someone they trust).
  • Target people with trust. Stop sellong, start sharing. Be personal.
  • Target those who will tell your story in a personal way.
  • Give them stuff, make them laugh.

What would you choose, search or social?

  • It’s the same thing.