SAScon Live Blogging 2011

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May 17, 2011

SAScon 2011 live blogging notes (updated throughout the conference):

Day One

Keynote: King Yiu Chi, AR Strategist at Layar
Stat-o-rama – An Industry in numbers
Market focus: Retail
Paid Search Innovation
Social Commerce
Enterprise Level SEO
Market focus: Gaming
Mobile Marketing Goes Mainstream

Day Two
Keynote – Richard Dennys, Chief Marketing Officer, QYPE
Feeds and Microformats – Optimisation beyond the site
Credit where credit is due – Conversion Attribution
Linking Building secrets – Getting the most out of your off-page optimisation
Analytics 2.0
Running a Global Search Campaign
Location, location, location
Cutting Edge Search Technology
Social Media Insights
Search & PR
WordPress SEO

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