Our hosts are from Conversion Rate Experts (CRE). They recommend Whichmvt.com – a free website comparing split-testing tools.

For those not running split tests – you should. CRE says it’s a very secure way of doing business.

The bigger the change, the bolder the change, the bigger the potential profit available. Plus, he says, it’s much more fun to try new things on your site. He adds that once you start running split tests, you quickly learn what your customers respond to.

Research before you experiment. Have a plan.

Once you’ve finished, you can apply what you’ve learned to other parts of the business. You’ve learned something about your clients, CRE says. “Try your online findings offline.”

Also, say CRE, get into the mind of your customer. Replicate their experience on your site to work out what it is they want and what could be improved. In addition, do the same thing on your competitor’s sites, and record the whole experience with screen capture video software.

If your product is sold offline, go and learn if there are any discrepancies between how the product is sold online and offline.

Lots of real-world examples of how to work out the best way to present your product to customers online.

CRE’s approach: “Study offline sales to gather common objections and counter objections.”