SAScon Mini SEO Conference 2011: SEO for E-Commerce Websites

Barry Adams from Piece Group will share tips on how to optimise an e-commerce websites.

Content & Structure

Use your websites internal search to find keywords that you should be targeting. This can be invaluable to find niche’s.

Site structure is key – “if your site structure sucks, your website will suck”. Google pays a lot of attention to your internal site structure.

Faceted navigation – allows users to filter through thousands of products to find exactly what you need. In terms of SEO, each of those facets is a keyword. If your facets are properly optimised for search, you will reap the benefits.

Don’t use standard product descriptions. Every description should be unique.

Out of stock – Make sure you display an out of stock message but don’t throw away value by simply deleting the pages.

Google Shopping

Google Shopping is your master! Reviews enhance Google Shopping visibility. These are aggregated from multiple sites. Customers should be contacted a few days after their purchase to nicely ask for a review.

Make sure your Shopping feed quality is top quality. Whatever data Google wants, give it to them – it will help you gain more visibility.

Duplicate content – This is very common with faceted navigation. Indexation sculpting will help with this:

  • robots.txt blocking
  • rel=canonical
  • “noindex,follow” robots meta tag
  • hide links (facets) in JavaScript

Linkbuilding for e-commerce sites

Blogger outreach and giveaways are a simple way to do with reasonably good results.
Social share buttons:

  • on every product page
  • Every confirmation page
  • Individual reviews

Link bait – after the post loses poularity embed links to your money pages or 301-redirect
Press releases
Article marketing