Scaling your business with Magento. A seminar in Manchester

PushON | October 23rd 2013

Having a website is all well and good. Being able to use that website intelligently to grow your business both in the UK and abroad requires particular expertise. PushON are partnering with Postcode Anywhere and Bronto to deliver a half day seminar “Scaling your business with Magento”. Magento, owned and backed by eBay, is the Worlds leading E-Commerce software, used by notable North West etailers such as BooHoo, Bench and Glamorous. Their UK team will be sharing some of the latest insights from the recent MagentoLive event which revealed much of the forthcoming development path for the platform. PushON will deliver “Building your platform for resilience and internationalisation”, how to ensure that your technology supports ambitious growth plans. Bronto are market leaders in marketing automation for commerce and provide one of the most highly regarded Magento integrations for email. Postcode Anywhere are the defacto supplier of address validation data, an essential tool to maximising conversion in E-Commerce.

The event will take place at the Hive in Manchester on Tuesday 29th October. Registration is between 8.30am and 9.00am with presentations and cases studies through to a networking lunch at 1pm. This seminar is particularly focussed on etailers. Registration is via this link