Google seem to have been fairly busy recently with its launch of a new webmaster tools interface, the introduction of a whole host of new logo’s and now the search engine giant is introducing paid search listings in to its search suggest feature.

Google suggest has been around in the US and UK for sometime now and slowly yet surely also in other European countries and provides searchers with suggestions relating to what they have typed in to the search box. The new setup is slowly being rolled out in the US and should feature in the UK in the coming months.


At first I was a little baffled by the decision however Google has been smart in its approach as it recognises that the completion of what you are typing could directly apply to an advert. This is course falls in line with Google’s strong belief in delivering relevant results for its users.

As you can see from the Image the paid result does not interfere heavily with the main suggestions and is put in a clear and easy to use format. It will be interesting to see what the click through rates will be like.