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Vloggers Veware – The ASA is Watching You

Back in March, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) was warning bloggers about advertising products and services. In short, if a blogger was being paid by a company to advertise its products it had to be clear about it, and not dress it up as an independent endorsement. In 2012 a few celebrities including Rio Ferdinand… Continue reading

SAScon Live Blogging Day One: Pay to Play – Are Paid Search and Social Destroying Organic?

So as the first coffee of the morning kicks in, one of the first sessions was looking at how SEO is standing up to the ever increasing challenge presented by paid and social. Hosted by James Lowery from Compeller, one of the first points that anyone in digital marketing will have gleaned by now is… Continue reading

'Hardcore Blogger' Senior Executives in the North West: 17% spend 7+ Hours Blogging at Home Every Week

A new piece of research, conducted as part of a partnership between the Manchester Metropolitan University Business School and PushON entitled Digital Directions: How Business Decision-Makers in the North West use the Internet, has uncovered some interesting data about senior managers in the North West’s blogging habits. The research draws data from a survey conducted… Continue reading

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