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Google Analytics Introduces "Search Engine Optimisation" Feature

After looking into Google Analytics today, I noticed a new feature under the Traffic Sources navigation option. “Search Engine Optimisation” has now been introduced into the mix, and contains the sub-options of “Queries”, “Landing Pages”, and “Geographical Summary”. A screenshot can be found below showing the navigation.

Search Engine Optimisation in Google Analytics

When visiting one of the options in the new Search Engine Optimisation feature in Google Analytics, you are prompted to link up your Analytics account to the associated Webmaster Tools profile for the website that you’re analysing – as seen below.

Connecting Analytics to Webmaster Tools

Once the Webmaster Tools account has been associated with your Analytics profile, you are able to pull data straight into Google Analytics relating to keywords and landing pages (as previously only found within Google Webmaster Tools). The data, which currently misses off the past 2 days, will allow for more analysis to be carried out from within Analytics itself, including comparative analysis of the impressions and click-through rates in relation to the actual visits received from organic keywords. The “Queries” section of the new Search Engine Optimisation feature looks like the below when linked up.

Google Analytics - Search Engine Optimisation Queries Report

Aside from the Queries report, there is also a Landing Pages one. Similar to the impression and click-through data you can now see for keywords, you are now able to view this data for landing pages, including:

  • Impressions
  • Clicks
  • Average Position
  • CTR

The landing page feature can be found in the below screenshot.

Google Analytics Search Engine Optimisation - Landing Pages Report

The final feature is the “Geographic Summary”, allowing you to again see impressions and click-throughs, but on a per-country basis this time.

This new Search Engine Optimisation feature for Google Analytics should now be available across all profiles, providing you are using the new interface. It’s certainly interesting to see Google incorporate features such as this, after some other big news with a recent announcement of a new premium Google Analytics that is coming to the UK.

What are you thoughts on this new feature?

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  • Robin Parduez

    This brings some more SEO features to the masses, like the developments in GWT over the last few years. Now whether non-SEO people can correctly interpret the information is another story. Good post Kieron.

  • Jade

    Thank you for the informative post Kieron.

  • seo schweiz

    These features for sure will be beneficial to SEO workers. Wanna know more on this then.

  • Ned Poulter

    Cheers for the heads up Kieron, definitely an interesting turn in the direction (that a lot of us in the industry had all expected) for Google. It’s well known that a lot of people use Google Analytics, while not fully exploring their need for SEO, this is definitely something that could cause them to rethink this decision…