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Track Email Signature With Google Analytics/Outlook 2007

Here’s a quick* tutorial on tracking visits to your site from people who click on the link in your email signature. This works with Outlook 2007, and the tracking we are using is Google Analytics If you don’t have access to amend your website Use the following url to generate your tracking link: Google Analytics… Continue reading

Analytics Annotations

Like many webmasters and online marketers around the world we work with Google Analytics on a daily basis however the system does have some short falls. These shortfalls often spark ideas in ones mind and recently I came up with an idea which I think would be very useful. You may have noticed the recent… Continue reading

Depressing… but what are you going to do about it?

I watched this slide show, and based on the cover image I assumed it was about getting married. But the content is strong, depressing and makes you evaluate what you need to do to get through these times of financial uncertainty…. well lets be honest, it was financial uncertainty 3 weeks ago… we now know… Continue reading

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