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Analytics Keyword Data – Unavailable For Logged In Google Users

If you’re a Google Analytics user, you may have seen this blog post by the official Google Analytics Blog. For a growing minority of your website visitors, i.e. organic visitors who are logged into a Google account, you will no-longer be able to see the keywords that they used to find you. The announcement is… Continue reading

If You Use Google Analytics, Your Results Will Change As Of Today

Google have today announced a change in the way they calculate individual user sessions. What have they changed? Currently, Google Analytics ends a session when: More than 30 minutes have elapsed between pageviews for a single visitor. At the end of a day. When a visitor closes their browser. If any of these events occur,… Continue reading

Track Keywords & Organic Marketing Success

Along with defining the keywords you want to target and running regular ranking reports, another (and perhaps more important) measure of how your organic marketing campaign is going is seeing what traffic you’re getting from your targeted keywords. Advanced segmentation You can do this in Google Analytics if you set up advanced segments – listing… Continue reading

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