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How To Check Google Analytics Is Working

Well, if you have more patience than me, you can set up your Google Analytics Tracking and wait 24 hours to start receiving data.  You can then figure out whether you’ve implemented it correctly by sifting through the statistics.

Or you can try scanning your site using SiteScan – which is a diagnostics tool for Google Analytics.

This is by no means the answer to all your Analytics prayers, but it gives you a great headstart to check your basic tracking is in place.

There are a couple of other tools that can help.  If you use Firefox, you can use the plugins WASP or GA?.

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  • Nina

    Just performed a site scan – very useful! Thanks for the tip Kat.

    • best seo company

      The links are not working….Please provide the site link…

  • Jamie

    We’ve been having some problems with Analytics on sites that use flash redirection… so we’ve been making changes then waiting 24hrs. Site scan will speed that all up.

    Thanks Kat

  • Katrina Gallagher

    Thanks Jamie and Nina,

    I wouldn’t rely on it if you have a complicated set-up that you’re testing. But it’s handy for a quick check that it’s in place on all of your pages.


  • Katrina

    Actually guys, this tool is really useful for more complex set-ups:

  • David B

    Really helpful info, thanks for the tips.

  • ValpoCreative

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