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Halloween Tricks and Treats

Well, it has been an eventful Halloween here at PushON, this morning we found an advertisement in the Metro for Big Snap Search, another Live Search bribery scheme aimed at capturing more search traffic by incentivising its search engine. Big Snap Search lets you search Live Search and automatically draws two cards at random, if they match then you can win between £25 and £1000 John Lewis Vouchers. Whilst we were researching this new product we had to try and win something however we had no success however Kat, our eagle eyed search marketing consultant found a way of entering the competition lots of times easily- simply click the green “try it” button as many times as you like. After that treat we knew a trick was bound to come along and who better than the pranksters at Google who as well as changing their homepage logo to a Halloween theme have updated their robots.txt file to disallow zombies from indexing their brains!

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  • SimonR

    The live search thing was a joke, I had about 50 goes and won nothing. Talk about desperation, paying people to use a search engine. It still staggers me how inaccurate is, for example, do a search for “myspace” and the domain is not in the top position?