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Digital RoundUP 25/02/2013

PlayStation 4 Announced  On Wednesday night the worst kept secret in video gaming was finally revealed with the announcement of the Sony Playstation 4. During a two hour presentation the assembled media were told and shown the capabilities of the ‘most powerful platform ever’. However we did not get to see the console and were only… Continue reading

Google got us hooked on Crack Codecaine and now it’s gonna make us pay

That’s a rather sensationalist title I know but you have to do something to make content stand out in this SEO/SEM/PR/Social Media jungle right? It’s also partly down to the fact that I’ve been gorging on episodes of the fantastic “Breaking Bad” TV series this week which has influenced my take on some of Google’s… Continue reading

The Best SEO, Analytics and Social Media Conference in the UK?

We think that SASCon might be the definitive conference for this year. The lineup is stellar. You might wonder why that is, well, it’s due to everything about this conference being defined and delivered by a collaboration of the The North Wests leading digital agencies. These are the people at the sharp end of online… Continue reading

Bing SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) – What is most important?

SEOs (almost) always want to know the quickest way to rank for a given term in the organic search results as many clients just don’t understand that conversions are more important than rankings and will judge you on where you sit in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page). Although there are many factors that influence… Continue reading

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