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Online Search Marketing on Salford City Radio

Just in case you’re in Salford and want a few pointers on SEO in Salford, I’ve been invited to speak to Jon Monk on Salford city Radio. It’s a mix of business and music. For some reason, the fools have asked me to choose 15 tracks to play that I like. If you’re thinking “ooohh, I hope he plays some Tina Turner”, this really isn’t going to be for you. The track listing includes

West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band – Smell of Incense

Can – Mushroom

Big Black – Kerosene

Neil Young – Down by the River

and so on.  Anything else I should try and get played?

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  • Jamie


    When are you on mate?

  • Simon Wharton

    3pm on Wednesday.
    you can steam it if you want to continue your musical education ;-)

  • Nina

    How’s about a bit of Daniel Beddingfield or even a bit of James Blunt might be nice?


  • Simon Wharton

    Nina, I may just have to kill you.