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Digital RoundUP 04/03/2013

google+ Sign-in Last Tuesday Google launched Google+ Sign-In for third party developers, they can now allow users to sign into applications using their Google+ account. This is Google’s latest attempt to get ‘normal’ people using the social network, it will also give the search giant plenty of user data to slobber over. Google is claiming… Continue reading

Improve Search Engine Rankings With Google Local

If you’re not in Google Local Business Centre now, add it as your next ‘to-do’. It’s not only through Google Maps or Google Local Search that Local business listings are shown, it’s also through the normal search and mobile search results. Google will check your location using your IP address, or if you’re signed in… Continue reading

This Was Supposed To Be A Sensible Article – 2007 Search Trends

Most of us in the industry have now realised that Google is God, but did you realise how she orders web pages in search results? Apparently results are compiled from a combination of web based algorithms, human editors and pigeons… (well, the latter was perhaps based on a Google April fools from a couple of… Continue reading

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