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Sitemap Auto-discovery

Whilst there has been a nice interface for Google via Google Webmaster Central and more recently Yahoo via their Yahoo site explorer portal to submit xml sitemaps the other search engines of worth, and Microsoft Live search have not provided such interfaces.

Although both ASK and Live announced they had adopted the sitemap protocol last year neither search engine provided an interface for webmasters to be able to submit sitemaps. All very annoying. It seems though they may have been holding out for sitemap auto-discovery which all 4 search engines this week have announced they will support going forward.

How Does Sitemap Auto-Discovery Work?

Well it’s all nice and simple, simply add,

Sitemap: <Sitemap_location>

to your robots.txt file.

For example:

Sitemap: <>

For anyone still interested in submitting sitemaps manually I have found a method today for submitting to ASK. Enter, into your bowser address bar, where is the path to your sitemap.

For more information checkout the Ask Blog and the Yahoo Search Blog

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  • Arthur

    If you have any problems to create XML sitemap files for your sites or to notify search engines about updated sitemap files, try Sitemap Writer Pro. It is a powerfull tool that helps you to create and keep up-to-date sitemaps for your websites.
    Sitemap Writer Pro has new tools – FTP manager for uploading sitemaps, search engine notification tool (now supports and, site crawler for adding an URLs into the sitemap and Yahoo Index viewer.

  • PushON

    Sitemap Writer Pro looks interesting. I’ve been using the Free Google Sitemap generator from Audit My PC which I have to thoroughly recommend as well. I like Free tools :)

  • Jon Payne

    I’m glad I’m no the only one who found (and still finds) this sitemap submission unnecessarily time consuming! :)