Global search engine Yahoo has drawn up a list of what it says were the most popular searches carried out on its site by users in the UK over the past year.

Perhaps not surprisingly in a year in which sport has dominated, many search terms associated with various sports figure prominently in Yahoo’s top twenty most searched-for subjects.

Coming in at second place was Liverpool football club. Although the club’s placing was said to have been at least partly influenced by the Hillsborough tragedy being prominently in the news, the power of Premier League football to dominate search engines was also demonstrated by Manchester United securing fourth place, and Arsenal coming in behind at tenth position – although, ironically, the more successful Manchester City was nowhere to be seen in the top twenty most searched-for subjects.

The sporting theme continued with the number seven position being secured by Formula One motor racing – interest in which is believed to have been encouraged by the performances of the UK’s top drivers Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton.

Aside from sport related searches, Yahoo’s top twenty also featured a number of gadgets – with the Amazon Kindle leading the way in third place, the Apple iPad in sixth position, the iPhone 5 (also from Apple) secure in ninth place, and the Samsung Galaxy in the number 11 slot.

Meanwhile, the fifth most popular search was for Kate Middleton, while eighth place was secured by the popular soap opera Eastenders.