What we mean by ‘site links’ is the list of links to the main pages on your website displayed in search results. See below for an example:
Google Site Links

As opposed to the following, which just displays a single result for the website:

No Site Links

It looks like Google have made a recent update to the way they display their listings, because we’ve noticed that most of our clients now have site links when you search for their brand.

This helps the user select a closer match for what they are looking for – the correct section of the site rather than the home page. Site links have been available for some time now, and you can find out more information about site links for your website if you use Google webmaster tools.

But there’s been another major update – where a search box can be seen beneath some websites with site links. This is apparently triggered for sites where Google notices frequent refined searches after a user goes to the homepage of the site. Some examples we’ve seen are shown below:

Microsoft Search Box

Wikipedia Search BoxYouTube Search Box

Flickr Search Box
All in the name of improving the user experience… but it’s worth noting that at the time of writing this – Yahoo are not given a search box under their site links… curious…

However, one theory on the new ‘search box in results’ feature from John Battelle’s Searchblog is that Google are looking to increase AdWords impressions.

If you have an opinion, let us know.

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