This is the first post in what we hope will be a regular piece on the PushON blog where we will summarise the weeks Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Social Media Optimisation (SMO) and Pay Per Click (PPC) news, tips and other ramblings from around the Internet and throw in a few funny articles/images for good measure.

Google and Yahoo Deal Falls Apart – The deal between Google and Yahoo which would have allowed Google to advertise on Yahoo search result pages has collapsed amidst pressure from people claiming it is anti-competitive. Following this news Yahoo chief executive Jerry Yang said that Yahoo was ready to talk to Microsoft about a takeover again, “at the right price”.

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Google Forum Search Launches – Google has released an enhancement to its Google Groups search which allows users to search any forum on the internet for information, not just Google Groups.

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PPC Flowchart – This week the PPC Blog released a really useful PPC flowchart which describes the process of setting up a PPC campaign and the iterative approach to optimisation.

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Twitter Tutorial for Beginners – The Michael Martine blog had a guest post from which is a comprehensive guide for beginners on how to use twitter.

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WordPress Warning – The Register posted a warning about a trojanised version of WordPress which was released earlier this week. The fake claims to be WordPress 2.6.4, however the latest version is actually 2.6.3. Peter Westwood a lead developer at WordPress said that in the next version of WordPress (2.7) there will be a built-in upgrade mechanism which will allow blog owners to upgrade their WordPress installations easily.

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Obama, The First Social Media President – The Search Marketing Gurus website posted an interesting lengthy article about newly-elected American President Barack Obama’s social media campaign.

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Funny Stuff – A list of this week’s funny images, videos and articles we’ve stumbled across on the Internet:

We hope you found this summary useful, if so please let us know and we’ll continue with it!

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