SEO Weekly #2 from PushON

Welcome to our second (and late) weekly roundup of the latest SEO, SEM, SMO and PPC industry news as well as some random and funny things we’ve found during the week.

Google adds video to Gmail – Google has added Video chatting to its online version of Google Talk which is available through Gmail but could also be pushed out to the Google Talk chatback badge and the Google Talk desktop application.

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YouTube adds sponsored videos – You can now pay to have your videos advertised on the YouTube search results page. The new advertising option uses the CPC payment structure and will be a decent way of getting a lot of views in a short period of time.

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50 Tips to increase RSS subscribers – we stumbled across this article the other day and were amazed by the number of tips Daniel has come up with. Obviously some of the fifty tips are more useful than others but one of the key ones from our point of view is making the RSS/”sign up to our feed” visible, a lot of blogs fail to do this.

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New Google Analytics features – The Google Analytics team has added even more features including Advanced Segmentation, Motion Charts and a new more user-friendly interface. This blog post explains how to use the new Motion Charts feature effectively and there is also a song!

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Random Funniness From Around The Internet

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