Here’s our latest round-up of the recent goings on in the digital stratosphere.

Facebook iPad App… At Last

Last week saw the release of the official Facebook iPad app. After all of the initial deliberation on whether or not Facebook were ever going to actually build an official app, followed by the long, drawn out wait in building and publishing the app itself; it was finally released last week.

YouTube Now Lets You Rent Movies

It was only a matter of time, but YouTube have at last started to offer film rentals as part of their repertoire. Users can now sign in using their Google accounts and pay around £3.49 to stream new releases.

Google+: Traffic Argument

As with any hugely anticipated release, Google+ has been under heavy scrutiny with people trying to determine either way if it has been a success thus far. Notably, Forbes and the Daily Mail both published a story stating that Google+’s traffic has fallen by some 60% since its release. This prompted a war of words with technology writer Mike Elgan who was quick to point out that to the contrary, traffic for the month is up 480%.

Google Pay Their Respects To Steve Jobs


Obviously the biggest news recently has been the passing of Steve Jobs. As many paid tribute to the man that gave so much to the digital and creative industries, Google paid their respects in their own special way by offering the most powerful link they’ve ever given – A direct link from to Apple’s homepage (see above).