SEO Weekly Round-Up #12

It’s all kicking off in the digital world!*  This week’s round-up of happenings and occurrences from around the internet will undoubtedly leave you with a sense of wellbeing – read on….


‘Absolut Life’ Saver:

The purveyor of fine Swedish vodka, Absolut has come up with a startling drink driving awareness application for Facebook named ‘Absolut Life’ (not yet released).  The app will use data from your Facebook profile to then present you with images of your life ‘flashing before your eyes’.  Do check out the video in the link below.


‘Why Content for SEO?’ Infographic:

This infographic will remind you of the importance of applying high quality content in your SEO campaigns.  Matt Cutts says so, Duane Forrester says so and we all know this to be true, yet we so easily get bogged down with other things.  Sure enough, content backed by sound research and placed correctly with the right keywords to bolster it takes time; but the value it brings!


New Gmail User Interface (sneak peek):

When Google accidentally posted a video to their YouTube channel showing the brand new look for Gmail, many were treated to a cheeky glimpse of the UI yet to come.  Buttons have been changed from text to little images (Android Honeycomb style) and the conversation view now resembles that of Facebook.


MC Hammer announces his new search engine:

Who would have thunk it? Mr Hammer has been out there promoting his pre-beta phased search engine named WireDoo.  Apparently, WireDoo will serve as a provider of more direct information; a move away from Google’s use of contextual elements when yielding search results. Exciting eh?  I quote a good friend:

“I hope Hammer don’t hurt ’em. I wonder if his magic talking shoes will help walk me through my search. Though it’s nice to know that Hammer does what he want to do, be who he want to be.”

Quote: Jim Morrow – Risk and Consequence


Nothing says you care more than a tin of Heinz soup:

For £1.99 you can order a personalised tin of Heinz cream of tomato (or chicken) to be delivered to the door of your poorly friend.  Your ‘Get Well Soon’ message adorned upon the tin will no doubt put a smile on the face of your ailing chum.  Takes 3-4 days for delivery, however, so they might already have recovered by the time it arrives.



Google Rail View:

Google street car moves to the rail tracks and down as yet untravelled (by Google) trails on snowmobiles.  Soon we will be able to look at pictures of beautiful scenery from the Alps through Street View.



That’s it for a short spell, readers.  Do come back soon for more cyber news and maybe a few views.


* OK, not quite ‘kicking off’.