Here’s our latest round-up of all the goings on on the digital scene:

Twitter Activity Stream

Twitter has added activity stream to its homepage. This allows users to see who the people you are following have started to follow. Seemingly an attempt to up engagement rates, it remains to be seen if this is a feature that is used by the majority of Twitter users. Given the amount of users using 3rd party apps, I personally don’t think it will be much of a success.

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Qantas the Latest Global Company to get Social Media Wrong

As you may have seen, Qantas felt the wrath of Twitter last week when they ran a competition to win the grand prize of… pyjamas (among a few other lacklustre prizes). #QantasLuxury quickly became the source of ridicule and as well as a host of sarcastic tweets, a video was produced ridiculing the competition.

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Google Floor Plan

Google have announced yet another feature to their ever growing armoury of tools and apps. This time it’s an add on to Maps. Floor plans can now be added to buildings to help customers navigate their way internally as well as externally using Google Maps. Here’s how:

Bing Bans Holiday Websites

Bing had its very own clear out last week, getting rid of thin websites, with seemingly a focus on holiday deal websites.

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Spotify Opens Up 3rd Party Apps… At Last!

As Spotify continue to grow and clearly aims for global domination, a new chapter has be written – developers can now create 3rd party apps using the Spotify API.

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Are Google Trying to Kill Long-Tail?

One of the most interesting infographics that we’ve seen in a while; SEO Book have built an infographic detailing all the things that Google have done in recent times to reduce the amount of long-tail searches done by users.

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MIT Develop Traffic Light Algorithm

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have just finished a study that predicts whether a car is going to run a red light up to 2 seconds before it happens.

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