SEO Weekly Round-Up #17

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ICO cookie consent

The ICO cookie legislation will take effect in May, but we are still to see any credible solutions or strategy to combat the potential loss in tracked traffic via Google Analytics and other analytical packages. We are expecting to see a rise in cookie-free Analytics packages, along with an official annoucement from Google before too long.

It will also be interesting to see the stance that browsers such as Chrome take, with some expecting them to include an option to accept cookies at browser level.

Destination URL [tip]

You can look at specific landing pages, conversions and CPC in the dimensions tab within the Google AdWords interface. domians are now being indexed again

After 6 months of expulsion from Google’s search results, domains are back. They were removed due to the majority of them being low quality or ‘spammy’ but Google now seems to have either changed it’s tune or has been hit by a bug. Either way, they’re back.

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Google slaps itself on the wrist… again!

For the second time in a year Google have had punish one of their own sites after proof of sponsored listings for Google Chrome were found. This follows the furore that followed Beat That Quote’s punishment last year after being bought out by the search engine giant, which was consequently punished for a host of paid links.

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SEO in other countries

Something that is sometimes overlooked by SEO’s is the value in optimising multilingual websites properly for their respective languages. This is much more than simply translating the English version of the website. Query Click have written a great post on ‘an introduction to multilingual seo’.

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Google acquires more patents. This time from IBM.

Google has continued to acquire patents, this time from IBM. This is just another round in the war which is seemingly going on between Google and it’s main competitors Microsoft and Apple.

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Video on rich snippets on Google Webmaster blog

Rich snippets can vastly improve CTR from Google so it’s vital that they are implemented correctly. Google have made it easier by providing an instructional video, showing you exactly how to do so.