Welcome to our 4th instalment of our weekly round-up search engine optimisation news/events and tips. We have a round-up of the latest from SES London, SEO in general, Social Media and some other interesting news we found in the digital marketing sector.

SES London

We discussed how State of Search have been live blogging SES London where some of the highlights included:

Keynote from Jeffrey Hayzlett from Kodak talking about the challenges of transforming the company, an update on the Bing and Yahoo search alliance and going beyond the numbers to judge the success of an SEO campaign.

There were many people talking about the event and one of the round-up blogs that we thought was particularly interesting was from Wordtracker called “130 takeaways from SES”.

SEO Latest

The latest in SEO included a blog from Wiep on 10 years of link building, Patrick Altoft’s post about overstocked.com being penalised, SEO Moz showing us how to turn rankings into traffic and 3 articles from Search Engine Journal on Google’s latest algorithm updates:

  • Google Updates algorithm around content farms – there is a lot of talk around this subject and many people in the industry have their view on it. Undoubtedly it will clean up the internet in terms of what people are searching for, however many people will have to think differently now that these changes have come into effect.

Social Media Latest

The most interesting articles we saw this week that affect the future of social media were:


“The 3 phases of social media strategy” article was particularly interesting and if you take elements from it into your own campaign and make it work for you then you won’t be far off a successful social media strategy.

Any other Business

Does your Press Release pass the “Who Cares?” test?

Apple rumoured to be holding an event on March 2 to announce the iPad 2

How to use QR codes for event marketing

SEO strategies for Google News

We owe the internet for changing the world. Now let’s learn how to turn off

If you noticed anything we didn’t spot or find anything from here useful then get in touch, we love to hear from you. We’ll be back next week with another round-up. Thanks for reading!