SEO Weekly Round-Up #10

Greetings fellow earthlings and welcome to our latest summary of SEO-related things we spotted this week.

Raven Blog – Forecasting Traffic by Keyword Rank:

Do you ever feel buried under a mountain of metrics? Are you grabbing data here, there and everywhere in an attempt to wow clients that, most likely, do not appreciate the value of a beautiful looking bounce rate pie chart? And who can blame them?
The gumption-filled SEO team at Raven have come up with a useful approach to compiling reports which cuts out all but the ‘actionable analytics’ needed to expediently and efficiently run an online marketing campaign. Focusing on these three metrics: traffic, ranking and conversions – is sticking right to the point of a worthwhile SEO campaign. This is especially useful, or indeed, absolutely necessary for serving clients with smaller budgets or other time constraints.


And speaking of pie charts…..

Raven have done it again with an interesting post on how to rustle up an accessible backlink data chart. Charts and diagrams are created to enable the client (and us) to visualise certain sets of data. Without them we would have to resort to lengthy, continuous prose on the poor state of some client or others backlink profile. Raven’s backlink explorer tool allows you to classify backlinks by anchor text type (for example) which you can fashion into a useful and legible pie chart for use in the quest to prove the value, if not necessity, of SEO to your customer.


Google’s rolling out changes to PPC quality score:

The new Google AdWords algorithm goes global this week which means quality scoring will change to factor landing page quality. Giving more weight to ads with landing pages most relevant to the search query will enhance the user’s experience as well as enabling PPC enjoyers to rank better for lower cost-per-click bids.



Google launches “trusted stores” program: 

Google’s new consumer championing scheme has launched this week and goes by the name of Google Trusted Stores.

Designed as an aid to online shoppers; reliable ecommerce sites with a history of timely shipping and good customer service will be furnished with a Trusted Stores badge for their site. Not only does this scheme highlight the trustworthiness of certain honoured vendors –  it offers protection against errors in billing, unfair or non-existent returns policy and slow shipping.


Export your social data:

With this tool you can export your tweets or other social media data.

It comes with the following claim: “Free your data! Sometimes social networks can go too far. Overzealous privacy policies and poorly thought out redesigns abound! You have an exit strategy!”

Not bad if you want to see what your Facebook status was from 2007 but it will definitely not liberate your data from the clutches of Mark Zuckerberg.


Daily Mail publishes pre-written “guilty” story for Amanda Knox:

A massive gaff from the Daily Mail who were all too keen to be the first getting news of Amanda Knox’s guilty verdict out there – they published:

“Amanda Knox looked stunned this evening after she dramatically lost her prison appeal against her murder conviction…”

Over-efficiency has not paid off this time for the newspaper as Knox was found not guilty of murder (on appeal) but guilty of slander. No doubt as soon as the reporter heard the judge say ‘guilty’ – he or she hit the publish button.



Linkstant – get notified when your site gets a new backlink:

Brought to us by Tom Critchlow and Rob Ousbey  – the Linkstant code, when placed on your site – will notify you as soon as your sites get any new backlinks. The advantage to using this code is the immediacy of getting live backlink information. This could have many useful applications from motivating your team of link builders  – or in running a reputation management project, as another aid in keeping an eye on reviews or other mentions (provided the critic has put a link to your site in there).  Indexing and crawling can take months, analytics can take several days. However, Linkstant is (probably almost) instant.



So that was the week that was. Happy online marketing and tune in again right soon for more SEO news, digital reviews and hi-tech tomfoolery.




  • Rob

    Hi Laura, thanks for mentioning Linkstant. It’s very much ‘in beta’ right now, but we’d love for people to sign up & use it – it’s working well (it’s how I found this post) and we’d be interested to hear any feedback or feature requests. Best, Rob

  • Rob

    Hi Laura, thanks for mentioning Linkstant. It’s very much ‘in beta’ right now, but we’d love for people to sign up & use it – it’s working well (it’s how I found this post) and we’d be interested to hear any feedback or feature requests. Best, Rob

    • Roy Wilding

      Hello Rob,

      No problem at all. We are always happy to mention any of your future creations too. Anything else in the pipeline?