Today we are re-launching our weekly SEO roundup feature where we will summarise the weeks events and findings in search, social media and web development. We will of course throw in a few random tips and ramblings for good measure. We hope to be posting these every tuesday so don’t forget to subscribe to our feed and if you would like to add any stories drop us a comment.

Police.UK Launches & Fails – Well temporarily anyway. The release of was greeted with great media hype and the day after its launch it experienced some serious downtime. For those of you who have not seen this it is a site that lets you see the number of crimes in your area. The break downs or categorisation of crimes are a little sketchy but it does make good use of maps. Defininetly worth 5 minutes of your time.


Footer Link Practices – Michael Gray shares some great tips ways to build an effective footer. This is useful to both web developers and SEO’s and provides a nice overview. I personally like his use of the term ‘link brothel’ to describe sites that dump a large number of links within the footer. Nothing new here but worth a read.

Source: Building an Effective Footer

Site Re-Launch Checklist – Aaron provides a detailed breakdown of a website relaunch process. As SEO’s we know the trails and tribulations that relaunching a website can cause. Aaron has provided a nice list for which to refer back to.

Source: Website Relaunch Process

Corporate Link Building – There’s no real gems here but well worth a read. David shares his story on corporate link building.

Source: Corporate Link Building

Bing Apparently Copies Google, Yawn – This story has been raging on for little over a week now and is where Google accuses Bing of copying its search results. Google setup a low level test to see if the same results would appear in Bing. Some weeks later these did and to say Google is not best pleased would be an understatement. As you can imagine there has been a lot of accusations being thrown between the two parties.

Source: Is Bing Copying Google’s Results

Google Algorithm Update – As you can imagine this story got us slightly more exciting. It had been coming for a while but Matt Cutt’s announced that Google would be updating its algorithm to clamp down on sites that scrape or copy other sites content. There has been some interesting debate around this and it looks like article sites will be hit hard.

Source: Matt Cutts

The Benefits of Great Information Architecture – This is a post by Tony Adam (not the footballer, god help us) and provides a nice overview of information architecture and usability. This is particularly important on larger sites and is often more difficult than you think. Tony also uses a great example to describe the process.

Source: Benefits of Great Information Architecture

We hope you find these roundups useful and look forward to hearing from you.