On a roll!! Heres number 5 in our weekly roundup series. This week there has been some really interesting developments in the world of search which we will share with you but first don’t forget to checkout our weekend coverage of this years Think Visibility.

Link Building with Infographics
This week was only ever going to start with this post as i am mildly obsessed with inforgraphics. Although i have a great appreciation for them there have of late been many examples of poorly developed infographics. The infographic market has become somewhat saturated but still provide a great way to generate new links. In this latest post from Justin Briggs a break down of the development and research process has been created. Its not exactly ground breaking but provides some nice pointers.

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Wired Interview with Amit Singhal & Matt Cutts
Wired (in conjuction with TED) held a fascinating Q&A session this week with Google’s Matt Cutts and Amit Singhal and provided some great insights into the recent Panda update. This is undoubtedly this years biggest algorithm update and is effecting a significant number of sites. Search Engine Land for example ran a post on the winners and losers of the algorithm update and there have been some really interesting post coming out in the last few weeks. For example Ezine was hit particularly hard and on their blog they released a statement about how they might reduce the impact of the update.

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What To Do About the Algorithm Update
As always, another great post from Tom Critchlow about the recent algorithm update. Tom provides some actionable ideas around reducing the impact of the algorithm update. His suggestions are in keeping with Google’s current drive to clean up its results and something that i think Google has needed to do for some time.

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What Happens When You Build 10,000 Dodgy Links to a New Domain in 24 Hours?
A fun experiment run by Marcus Taylor of SEOptimise. During the christmas period he pointed a large number of links towards one site in a very short time frame. His aim was to see how Google would treat this and what penalty they might apply. This is because of the type of links he was pointing and the unatural time frame in which he acquired links. The results were interesting to say the least and his post is well worth a read.

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There are of course many other great stories this week but if any really stood out to you why not share them with us in our comments section. We welcome your comments.

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