Well the frequency in which we were doing our weekly roundups hasn’t exactly gone to plan due to a busy couple of weeks for our team here in the office, but here are some of the latest SEO happenings that we’ve found interesting:

Google Panda update hits the UK

The algorithmic update that was launched in the US in February was now been activated in the UK. This change is aimed at providing “higher quality” results to searching users, so low quality (ie. thin content) sites have been punished, with their search engine visibility greatly reduced. When it hit the US, big article directories like Ezine were hit hard (up to 50% traffic loss I believe), but it hasn’t affected things so much over here.

Here’s Google’s official announcement:


Early “winners and losers” by Pete Young:


Some more info on Search Engine Watch:


Bing Launch Google Places Alternative

Bing have launched “Bing Business Portal” which is their alternative to Google Local/Places. They’ve taken things one step further than Google by incorporating the ability to add deals to listings, to promote any offers your business may have. Another good thing about this, is that social media has been incorporated, with the ability to add your business Twitter and Facebook accounts to the listings.

Link to Bing’s Business Portal:


Summary of the functionality by Marketing Pilgrim:


Google to Launch Multi-Channel Funnels in Analytics

Now this is just awesome. Goal funnels currently exist in Analytics to help you visualise the path a visitor took before making a conversion on your website (ie. a sale or download), but this only works for people who complete the conversion during a current visit. What the multi-channel funnels allow you to do, is to see the conversion path a user took for “up to a month or more” – meaning you can see if they visited previously via an email newsletter, referral, etc, before returning to complete the conversion at a later date.

You can read more about this here:


I would highly encourage you to watch the YouTube video that explains it:

Distilled have also now a nice summary explaining the benefits: