Here are the latest happenings in the digital stratosphere over the past week or so:

Foursquare business pages

Foursquare have finally opened business pages to the masses. Previously, only the biggest of brands seemed to be allowed a business page that had to be created by Foursquare’s in-house development team. This move however should help open the location-based network to the rest of the business world.

More information about Foursquare business pages from Mashable.

Bing Webmaster Tools Update

Often overlooked and overshadowed, Bing’s webmaster tools offering has been given an update recently. The new look toolset consists of the usual account dashboard offering an overall view of site performance, and 3 tabs that give in depth detail of Bing views your site; crawl, index and traffic tabs.

More information about Bing Webmaster Tools Update from Ineedhits.

WordStream AdWords performance tool

PPC campaigns can be complicated, confusing and extremely tiresome. Any tool that helps to alleviate this stress, and give you more time to focus on driving results cost effectively is a life saver.

Once such tool has just launched; WordStream’s Adwords Performance Grader. It allows you to check your quality score, use of land pages and wasted spending among other things.

More information on WordStream AdWords performance tool from bnet.

MozCon 2011

MozCon 2011 was at the end of last month and was a massive hit. Luckily for those of us who didn’t get the chance go, Ken Colborn compiled a list of the top 6 highlights from the Seattle event.

More information on MozCon 2011 from Blastam.

SEO plugins for Excel

Continuing in the same vein, here is a site filled with great SEO plugins for Excel, ranging from one that finds available domain names to one that find duplicate content within spread sheets.

More information on SEO plugins for Excel from Niels Bosma.

SEOMoz image optimisation

Although an important part of on-site optimisation, image optimisation isn’t usually treated as such. However, Kasy Allen’s great post on SEOMoz showed the real importance of image optimisation, especially in food/recipe related images.

As well as showing the importance of image optimisation, she also explores the most important ranking factors for Google’s Image search.

More information on SEOMoz image optimisation.

Analytics reports

Everyone loves a useful tool, don’t they? Well here are 3 awesome tools to help reporting become more efficient, simple and focussed. There is one focussed on page efficiency analysis, one for visitor acquisition efficiency and one for paid search performance analysis.

More information on Analytics reports from Kaushik.