SEO Weekly Round-Up #9

SEO Weekly Round-Up #9

Here’s our latest roundup of the main recent happenings in the wonderful world of Digital:

Google removes non-profits grants for churches

As you may or may not know, non-profit organisations are given a grant from Google to help with advertising costs. These organisations are given a PPC budget of £10k rising to £40k if they continually max out that budget. This provides a welcome boost of advertising spend for those that qualify, however, that list has just been cut with the removal of churches and religious groups. More info.

Windows 8 Unveiled

There have been various snippets released about Windows 8 over the last few months, but it had its grand unveiling last week. As those who had already seen the various snippets will know, it is optimised for tablets and touch-screen computers. It looks beautiful but many of us at PushON have already got concerns with how well it will operate on an ordinary desktop. We will just have to wait and see as more information is released, but for now, here’s an in depth look at the Windows 8 unveiling.

Google release flight search

Google are continuing to bring out tools that allow people to do most of their searching and shopping through Google with the release of flight search. Only available in the US at present, flight search allows users to search for flights, whilst also filtering by price and flight duration.

Bjork releases album by app

Never following the crowd, Bjork has once again stepped into the unknown by releasing her album, Biophilia, within an app. Each track is available and adds a whole new dimension to music. We love it, and for £1.45 it’s a steal (no we’re not on commission).

Google Search share in the US declines, while search phrases are getting longer

Search Engine Watch have noticed a slight decline in Google’s search share from July 11 to August 11. Although only a slight decline over a short amount of time, it is definitely one to keep track of.

Another interesting development pointed out in this post was the increase in longer phrases being used in search, a 3% increase in six, seven and eight worded searches.

You can now edit YouTube videos without the URL changing

As the title suggests, YouTube videos can now be edited without the URL changing. This is a welcome update for those used to losing views and comments.

Five ways to improve your Link Building approaches

Sick of getting spammy emails that feel impersonal and a complete waste of yours and the senders time? Ever get the feeling that you do the same when making approaches for link building purposes? Here’s a great post on five ways to improve your link building approaches.

And finally…

Last week, we were completely star-struck at PushON as one of our newest recruits was blessed with a reply from the one and only Mick Hucknall on Twitter. Yes, it really happened and he even brought Wyclef Jean to the party. Wowee. Here’s the screenshot to prove it: