It’s been something of an interesting afternoon which demonstrates how much can be achieved over great distances with free technology. So here I was, sat noodling away with Skype running in the background when I got a message from the desert. Seriously, someone we know is out doing big and clever things. But she wants to do things online. She’s got an interest in erotica for women because she finds nothing that suits her tastes online. Soi she wants to write some as she figures, quite correctly, that others out there will share her taste. “How do I start” she was asking. “Do you want to set up a blog now?” and so it was. Actually, it took 10 minutes but I guess that I’m allowed some leeway. So now she has a blog that will deliver the early days of her career in womens erotica. (Did you see what I did there?)

so what did we use:

So what you are thinking? Well, I’ve helped a person of some considerable influence several thousand miles away using free technology at little cost other than time. Isn’t that so similar to business networking? How can I help you?

maybe she will think well of us when someone says to her “Do you know someone who can…?” and we can.