An important new survey, examining the extent to which the internet is currently used in different ways across the globe, has identified social media and e-commerce as particularly dominant features.

The survey, from research group, GlobalWebIndex, and based on a sample 122,000 individuals from 27 countries, found that although usage of Facebook was declining among those who had originally subscribed to the network in its earlier years, the general health of social media sites was buoyant.

This was demonstrated in the survey’s revelation that 59% of web users go into their social media profiles each month to manage their information content.

Participation in e-commerce was also identified as an important factor in current global internet usage.

59% of online browsers were identified as having bought an item over the internet in the month immediately preceding the survey; whilst 53% of those sampled said they had used the web during this same period to review a particular product.

The survey further found that major internet search engine site Google has lost none of its shine; with more than 85% of web users connecting to its site each month. The survey’s authors have even coined a new term to describe the dominance of Google in the marketplace – ‘Googopoly’.

In spite of these overall worldwide trends, however, the managing director of GlobalWebIndex, Tom Smith, cautions that the notion of a ‘single global culture’ around the internet is ‘false’; and that ‘localised strategies’ will still be vital for online marketers.