Hi there, I’m RebeccaWho AKA Rebecca Rae. I’m pleased and excited to announce that I’m going to be working at PushOn as their Social Media Architect. I’m hoping one day they’ll just call me ‘The Architect’ like on inception. Anyway, I’m not so sure that they’re so pleased and excited to see me as I am them because so far I’ve managed to:

  • demand lots of equipment
  • drink all of their tea
  • and be involved in a car breakdown situation

And I’ve only been in the office a few days.

Hopefully I can prove to be useful as I do have other skills other than being a pain in the arse. I lecture at The University of Salford on the Design Futures course about digital marketing, events and branding. I graduated from it’s sister course, Design Management in 2008 with a 1st class honours.

Since graduating (and during uni) I’ve been working freelance running events, taking photographs and running twitter accounts. I’ve also worked with design agency True North in studio management and digital agency magneticNorth looking at marketing strategy and knowledge and research.

If you want me.. I’ll be in the Internet somewhere.