Many businesses have embraced the world of social media as they look to market their brand through as many channels as possible. With millions of potential customers accessing social media sites daily, it makes perfect sense. However, in addition to social media marketing, many companies are using social media platforms for customer service.

In Britain, hundreds of thousands of customers have accessed customer services through social media. Indeed, many businesses have made a good start with adapting their social media platforms into customer service channels.

Despite the strides made by some companies, a recent study by market research firm J. D. Power revealed that many don’t plan their customer services platform carefully enough and are at risk of failure as a result. The results show that many businesses are not fully prepared to use social media platforms as part of their customer service provision.

It has been established that very few businesses have success with both social media marketing and social media customer service. This is partly due to the nature of social media platforms that aren’t necessarily conducive to customer service dialogue. However, some companies have different accounts for marketing and customer service.

There are difficulties for businesses interacting with consumers through their social media channels and getting it wrong can be damaging.

Experts have found that when consumers have a positive online experience with a company, they develop a better perception of the business and this often leads to an online purchase. Furthermore, it is unsurprising to note that negative interactions have the opposite effect.