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SAScon Live Blogging Day Two: Performance-led Content

Katy Howell of Immediate Future delivered an energetic presentation based on her decade at the professional end of social media. Her most pertinent point, and one that had many in the room nodding in agreement, was that (to put it mildly) the average CEO and board of most of the large corporations don’t use social… Continue reading

Do Social Networks Invade Your Privacy?

With a growing number of professional, educational and recreational ‘networks’ on Facebook are individual users losing the freedom to behave in a way that they deem fit? In the past few months we’ve read about Oxford University students being fined for their post exam celebrations and how employers are using facebook to do background checks… Continue reading

Technology for Online Marketing – Twitter and Flickr to Report Events

We’ve been experimenting this week with Flickr and Twitter… and although we’re not entirely convinced of the benefit of these tools, it’s been interesting to see what can be achieved. There are 3rd party tools for example that make mobile updates much easier – ShoZu is a software application for your mobile that allows you… Continue reading

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