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3D Avatar Games, 3D Avatar Chat and Virtual Worlds

My Virtual Model AvatarThere seems to be a growing number of graphical and 3D Avatar Chat rooms, and 3D Avatar games and services.
Very popular with teens, who tend to be early adopters of online technology, but it’s becoming increasingly more widespread in mainstream audiences.

Some avatar companies are forming commercial links with shopping sites, for example My Virtual Model (which is old school now, as it’s been out since 2001 with little modification); and judging by the brands that they are working with, they are targeting an older demographic.

For those of you who are wondering what I’m on about, an Avatar is a graphical representation of yourself;Blog Avatar

Examples of companies who use Avatars include:

Some of the sites allow you to create a representation of yourself to download and use in blogs, on your instant messaging profile and in email. Other sites allow interaction, chat and games; but the more advanced sites are more virtual worlds than websites – for example Second Life and Whyville.

Meez Animated Avatar

The main players are already well established, this is nothing new; but the increasing mainstream use, and the more interesting ways companies are using these tools suggests the way we use the Internet, and interact with people will increasingly change.

It’s funny how we have had the ability to upload photos, and chat using web cams for some time – showing a real image of yourself, yet people are moving to a more morphed version of themselves – a realistic, but clearly not real cartoon/graphical representation.

For more information about Avatars, have a wander round Wikipedia.

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  • Ben

    You should check this site for cool avatars, they can be used in IM as emoticons or display pictures. Soem of the animations available are really funny!

  • Stella Lim

    Sounds Great, could u tell me how to make the sites

  • Kimberly Aka Kiwi

    Bebo is not a virtual site but its like myspace accept Bebo is more organized it’s really cool and you meet new friends u should try it BYE

  • Katrina

    Thanks for the feedback… all quite random, but much appreciated.

  • http://sarah sarah range

    thanks for the info. If possible could you find a list of virtual sites. It would be greatly appricated. thanks, Sarah

  • http://YouTube Marquis

    This is so better than Car Driving games

  • Symantha

    u should try its awesome

  • lookie no touchie

    try barbie girls its so fun! but its for girls oonly and imvu 2!

  • Ishita

    Hi! wats up??? and the first avatar on ur site is kwl !

  • Sophie

    Ya u must see its kwl!!!! i have visited there many times!!! -sophie

  • Sophie

    Oh so u seen ya there kwl too…nice to hear that a site makers free!! haha! really great thinking u must check bariegirls and imvu! and too, have fun and is full of avatars check!it! some more sites : , , (in tdp codes there many things to download! but i dint think there is able to download a avatar..)


  • Sophie

    Check piczo too! and really zwinky’s kwl! any ways….really kool site! i wanna site! how u make it katrina???


  • Katrina

    Thanks for the feedback – and Sophie, I’m glad you think the site is kwl!

    It’s a WordPress blog that’s been branded up by Virtuaffinity.

    This has been specially made, but I’m sure you could find a kwl template if you had a search online.

  • katy

    can any of u guys suggest a site other than imvu

  • Katrina

    Hi Katy,

    To be honest, I’m not the best person to ask as I’m not the main target audience for these avatar sites; but Sophie seems to have tried a few – try the one’s she’s mentioned and let me know what you think.

    Second life seems a bit slow and dull – there are a lot of registered users, but most people sign up, try it once and never return. Meez was quite easy to use. have some really funny videos that you can add yourself and friends.

    Hope that helps,


  • molly

    barbie girls is better we dont have to dowload it i want to see more sites like barbie girls

  • nardayia

    hi wats up i trying to see any girl games that u dont have to download u can just play for free i want a avater to go with it

  • jen
  • Katrina Gallagher

    Thanks Jen, these are games that you don’t need to download – so that should answer Nardayia’s question,

  • Aimee

    To Nardayia’s question you could visit Stardoll its really cool…hope i helped!!

  • Chester

    guys . . bored in 3d game that u have
    to download it ?

    well this is perfect for u . .

    this is not 3d but as u can see .
    this is the biggest virtual online chatting for teenager . . wow this is cool !

    im just helping im not forcing . . Lol

  • feba

    i tried all of these but is THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!its 4 all ages

  • bethan

    it is fantistic u make auctions design your own clothes and talk and make a bf or gf it is fantastic

  • bethan


  • heather

    try u can create ur own girl and u can chat with ppl.on my opinion it is AUESOME!!!!!

  • Ashley

    My mom wont let me download a site.But i can play on non-donload sites any ideas!

  • http://ourworld shari

    You should check out!

  • Andrea

    I want a chatroom with avatars that I don’t have to download, I checked out
    Do I have to download it or not?

  • Katrina

    Thanks for the comments guys, I’m no expert on these games & chat sites….
    Chester suggested as one you don’t need to download anything for though…
    Sorry I can’t be much help!
    If anyone else has ideas, let me know,

  • Hottie0923

    i love MEEZ.COM! I have mii own profile on there! Check it out!It’s a good website but lately i havent been able 2 go on there….but i need 2 create an profile on another virtual website.

  • Carolyn Reeves

    I think this might help is so much fun.

  • Shekina

    I have played a lot of 3D Avatar Games, I liked IMVU but there is not much to do… Does any of you know if there is a non downloadable 3D Avatar Game thats almost like IMVU but more fun


  • Michele

    I’m in my teens and I have a mac computer. I like 3d avatars but I hate having to install and download because there aren’t many to go to. Can you help me?

  • sage

    therz alway and and thatz all i can think of that yall didn’t name already so…… thnx 4 nuthin

  • donna

    wow you guys helped me find out alot of websites if you people have aim names add me im babygal123123123 cause you guys are awsome

  • Richard

    It’s great to see more Manchester companies getting on board with 3d virtual worlds. This just shows how important it is to get a company with real experience designing virtual worlds. have some great examples on their site.

  • deasy

    did u know this websites:zwinky super secrets meez and runescape in socio town create your avatar and walk create your room meet friends chat and it’s very awesome! and make a hot sexy cute handsome avatars so make sure u already register it had no download

  • http://Switchinmmo Christine

    I checked switchin mmo out.
    It was really cool and lots of clothes for ur avatar 2 choose from.
    And there is no download so plz check it out.
    You’ll love it

  • gigi is a great site i have an avatar there, and its really cool to get to portray yourself as gothic, or girly or well tomboyish. and there also but its not as fun

  • http://alla lola is so cool!

  • http://clubpenguin cake987654321

    club penguin is rrrrreeeeaaallllyyyy fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you get to talk to other ppl, play games, have ur very own igloo, and decorate ur igloo, and buy clothes to(not with real money). everybody should try it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…

  • http://clubpenguin cake987654321


  • Ariana Acosta

    theres this website that you are on a virtual website and you are on a a island its not sims but its really cool they play on bikes and other cars and four wheelers its really cool if you know what it is emailme at thx

  • aiyana

    ilove it

  • i

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  • lydia

    hey i went on this one site its pretty kool its called chapatziz. if it does not work just serch chapatziz it will work.
    hope it helped


  • Elexa

    If u dont want to download anythink try weeworld its heaps of fun and u can chat make a house go to try it!

  • silvapunkstar

    well imvu i guess is cool,but u can get viruses from it,like i got a bunch from it.
    try checkin out a 3d world and i think its pretty awesome.u do hav to download tho but so far ive gotten no viruses.well….hope i helped some of u lookin 4 a virtual world.(oh and uhav to be 13 or up 2 play)

  • jess

    hey there is this on sight for girls and guys thatare ove 13 only its really can have ur own car, buy clothes and meet people i love it you all should look into it and also its non download (yay!)

  • Destiny

    What’s the website jess?

  • jay

    hey jess wat website r u talking about?

  • Bella

    i need a game with avatars, and a virtual world. but, i can’t i repeat can’t download! plz help

  • brandon

    hell naw it didnt help and its boring and u g0t t0 keep d0in the stuff over and over .

  • emma

    hi smallworlds is really fun 4 me and its no download and u can earn gold and wen u get anof gold u can b a vip its awesome if u ever get on my username is lola martiniz search me and add me and mail me so i can add u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • annabell

    i luved it meez is the best its soo kewl

  • Jade

    On meez you have to download java!!!My mom wont let me!!!!!!!! Any ideas?

  • Toheeb

    wow in all of every thing you guys said IMVU is the best i swear to God

  • brianna

    never try imvu it has virus on there that will go so far down the chip it will make ur computer lose memory

  • cassie

    jade well then you shouldnt be on meez for 3 reasons 1.your proballi under 13
    2.who mom dosent let them download java wdh
    3. your proballi under 13 cause ur mom dosent let u download SMH-shakin my head

  • lala

    bull shit imvu has no virus its really really fun and really creative…. its your fucking computer thats the problem brianna so shut up

  • http://djcjdu Rebekah

    I love all the games you have put on jere and i have tried all and they mostly work but takes up most of your meggabite oh and lala you should shut your over grown mouth because my imvu accont was hack and it was downloaded on a 10000,0000,0000 doller computer………….ADD ME ON MEEZ AND ourworld and zwinky my user for all iis woodtrio :D

  • http://girlsrock sarah williams

    do you get maried in this game

  • http://girlsrock sarah williams

    i hope you get maried ad have a baby

  • http://girlsrock sarah williams

    i ment and have a baby

  • http://girlsrock sarah williams

    if your on here answer my qeston ok

  • http://iwantawebsite tenasia is a life chat world of ur own

  • lexie

    u guys should chek this out cuse u can drees up yo avatar make it look awsome,cool,hot,sexy,funny and other stuff i can desighn yo own backgrounds have pets play games and chill with friends

  • Rachel

    I like Habbo and imvu but can’t think of much others

    Adopt a cute hamster and chat friends, change clothes (some are free), have a family, go to school! it is just like sims but its online send
    email if you got your suprise send at


    • Destineydumont

      umm how do u get to that place whats the name

  • husna


  • Kidd_24

    Hey Guys,

    Check out Then, when you get there search Karroi_1232. That is the best player on there. Best website ever. And Rachel you like those you should check out Meez. Smeet is better though. you can curse !

  • Christopher Ross

    heeyyyyy baabyy eyy daddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • lilDime

    hii everyone

    • Destineydumont

      hey u u have an imvu i love it so much elspecially the kissing part love it and umm not tryin to be mean but u the uglyiest girl i ever seen but foreal add meh on imvu please so i see how ugly u look skank lol

  • Destineydumont


  • Destineydumont

    i aint tryin be mean but are u a man cause u is ugly like hell

  • Lilpimp2009gc

    dont dhat give u a virus

  • RogersshaRON






  • Rosey5476

    hi im rose i need a boy friend

    • killarandolph

      how old?

  • Serinajhoty

    also you should try going on weeworld its for teenagers no viruses and its free really fun!;]

  • Madisondacons


  • Brianna

    wow goooooooooooooo

  • Brianna

    why not

  • Sexymadii

    i <# imvu like infinity ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! i love it so much

  • Autumn

    i do not no what to do to get on here

  • Tamika Broadie

    hey people

  • Hpoop90

    change inapropriate pics please kids hello

  • lance

    sup ppl

  • Myzjasobeatiful

    heeelooo ? peeoopless

  • Myzjasoobeatiful

    mezz iis wacckk hoolly at me on faccebbook …

  • Nenajohnson

    hey everybody

  • Nena

    i nena and new here

  • Love-girl7


  • Swyome

    i wanna play imvu with no download !!!!

    • keke

      ikr u hate that u have to download and i tgives virus to

  • Swyome

    where can i play imvu with NO DOWNLOAD

    • TellItLikeItIs

      No where idiot!

  • Kira’Bieber

    Ive got imvu and downloaded, enver been hacked and no viruses.

  • CMiller69

    i would like a virtual game like imvu but no bad stuff D: parents wont allow it where u can create your avatar with NO DOWNLOAD!

  • BigBeez

    its not possible unless ur a hacker probly not even them



  • KKL


  • Ericka Darnes

    does anybody know any websites that you dont have to download or pay for?!?

    PLEASE HELP ME!!! I am getting tired of having a computer with nothing to do on it

    any suggestions

    • Jchayhane1

      Well, There is a website for kids it’s called Secretbuilders and you earn coins by playing games and you earn gold coins buy watching videos.

    • Noone

      poptropica ,sociotown,habbo or even dahhhhh type up on google no download virtual worlds

  • Shikinyahcarswell

    i hate my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Mzcupcake61

    ppl u have 2 download imvu cuz i got one u have 2 download it

    • diamonds mith

      ikr the world is full of desicions it aint hard download or dont download im 14 years old it aint hard fa me ta understand

      • hacker112

        smart ass

    • hacker112

      you are such a pink lil girl i can tell you how to get it without the download

  • White Amber46290

    i want to play an avatar virtual world game for adults only without having to download anything

    • Greatwhite

      me too

    • ScottyMcCreerylover

      me too

    • Ghjk

      Mee too

  • Maiastanton

    imvu wont wwork unless i download it! its annoying

  • Zariahwise

    i wanna play imvu it looks fun and interesting too me

  • Kjseh

    i love these websites

  • Tiffanyberst

    is there anything like weeworld???

  • Earthrocks4eva

    you still have 2 install stupid!

  • Elizabethhernandezlove

    need totell me how

  • diamond smith

    aint no imvu witout a download dummy u so dumb and kira change yo last na,mw cuz u aint married ta justin bieber nd neva will b so oh well

  • Iloveyoualot

    i want to be able to do a imvu but i dont want to frekin download why dont people understand that XO

  • Mistyearthwomanroberts

    i want to find a decent chatting game without any downloads /:

    • Guitarpenguinpenguin1000

      habbo is good for chatting i met some really nice gay /lesbos on their

  • destryoerfb

    Imvu with no download

  • Tkjohnson24

    thats some bullshit yall takin

  • Rayliebabb

    does anyone know a virtual world with no install with your own home and stuff like that whatever lol

  • Kayla

    were can i find games with no download no membership you dont have to play and you are eqully

  • Chealseanderson31

    I miss IMVU so Fucking muxch, But i can’t download it becuase this is my brother’s laptop…
    Hopefully well get one on black friday;(

  • Samanthasanchez64

    LOVE IMVU<3 Best online chatting game:)

  • Alexandra44

    Imvu Has The BEST 3D avatars and BEST credits:)
    Add Me: XxLitleMrSunshineXx (Might Be the wrong one)

    • Nataha

      i wann fuck you

  • AshleyCullen28

    IMVU Zone:)

  • Cupcake

    love imvu but mom does not like imvu that sucks

  • Meganlola

    try meez and smallworlds the rock

  • nikki

    i miss imvu so fucking muck also cuz i met alot of people my age and more

  • Htfolkes

    love kaneva and poptropica

    • shawn deas

      i use to play kaneva but i got hacked and my account want work my avatar name is shawnthemoney

  • Karleigh

    its ok

  • Adgw1999

    no shut up it sucks

  • SwaggaBabe

    IMUV needs no download bucha lames we fuckin want it back!!!!!!

  • Elo Saleemah


  • SwaggNation

    ive been on imvu but im trying to find another game like it but i cant find one

  • SwaggaBabe

    this piece of shit!!! hey who eva on!!

  • superliciousdiva

    imvu rocks but i want other virtual sites like it

  • Amichele0822

    i miss imvu but my mama caught me crusing and she said dont get on there no more

    • keke

      lol thats sucks

  • Aleesa__weiss

    Well, there ARE some sites that are super cute, and free, with ABSOLUTLY NO DOWNLOADS(AND virtual).
    Heres my list: (+13) (+13)
    And these sites have both membership and special coins, and are probably liked most like children: or
    Hope you like them! c:

  • DFG


    • keke

      wtf and lol

  • Shawn deas


    • lulu_swag

      i luv roblox look me up kyra5863rules

  • Englishjade


  • Jadeenglish

    i like it is so cool but i cant download so what ever
    lol i cant do it to hard to hard!

  • King Tjay

    i wanna play imvu but i hav to download i dont want to!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • JasmineSocute

      boy u is sexy

  • Tay

    I miss IMVU so much my mom caught me and that was as soon as I looked so cute I MISS MY FURRY!! I wanna play a game just like IMVU that is no download!!

  • Yumi arigama

    i want to get back on imvu but there is a parental block that wont let me install it and my mom wont unblock it….which SUCKS!!!!

  • Dentirsgillam

    i miss meez cause my dad caught me humping a boy on there

    • Rileyrapescows

      LMFAO xD

    • Ally 1914

      WHAT THE FUCK !!!!



  • lilcheese

    i wanna play imvu but my mom says dont play it if it needs down load anyone knows how to play without down load??

  • H STUFF10

    yall shud go on
    add me my user name is CHRISTINE489

  • Casey Inabinet

    I tried but it said it texted me a 4 digit pin # and it didn’t so i couldn’t make a character. can anyone help?

  • Purplehope7


  • Gogogirl


  • Gabriele1

    my mum doesent care what i play i have imvu and moviestarplaner but moviestarplanet doesent work now ohh

  • Charlottered

    i love club cooee

  • tinky

    here are good virtual worlds

    .stardoll *
    the ones with stars are favs

  • Skrillex

    I miss my IMVU account… :’( I can’t find anything like it, though… I hate it… my mom told me I can’t have it installed because it made the computer slow and all that… this sucks…

  • justine

    im ex vip ln meez but my compter is broke im at the libery and i cant go on it i miss meez my mom does not care if she sees me with boys on there ♥♥♥

  • Rileyrapescows

    I have Imvu My name is MeganMuhoo my older sister told on me saying it was a bad site for little kids but nao i am like 14 so i told my mom i was using it to make music videos on youtube and she believed me xD

  • Lauren Cummings

    IMVU and Second Life u have to download so i dont know why thats up there, Cuz it shouldnt be!

  • Ally 1914

    everyone should add me on facebook and have kinky sex ;) <3

  • Channygirl

    luv IMVU cause u get to slap people cause once i caught my IMVU boyfriend kissing my best friend on IMVU and boy did i slap her and have a catfight

  • amjad

    i love imvu more

  • Soccergirl92002

    dont cus u dome bo

  • Emmaisme

    I miss imvu soo much

    • Ghjk

      Omg mee too :( My dad got me off of it because u can have sex

  • Mommyslittlegirl46


  • bunny 889hot

    go on fantage take tutorial when you take them you earn stars to buy stuff you could earn stars by playing games well I cant go on free reamls anymore so sad crying so loud :(

  • Purecashflow

    hey little girls please do me a favour come to IMVU ,i have access pass there i can be nu+de and i have a pen is too.I have se xi avatar.girlz from 10-25 please saack my di+ck theder i love prezz bowbiez .sexy guy herez.gimeh ur puss_y.Muthafukka .ma id iz purecashflow

    • blahdeeblah

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  • Lonnie Pitts

    i miss IMVU

  • blahdeeblah

    complete and utter crap, nobody can hack you on imvu unless you give them your password or email address and it totally virus free, smfh

  • blahdeeblah

    why you all stressing about the download for imvu? its tiny ^.-

  • Jackyyylol

    me too but my mom saids not to get on im really mad at her but i get on somtimes anyway XD

    • keke


  • keke

    imvu demands just love it

  • keke

    i love meez sos much i go on it every day look me up my name is hotygel

  • Yaya


  • audra

    do u have 2 download?

  • audra


  • Babyaudra52

    do ya got 2 download it

  • princess

    hey any sexy boys dying to hav sex with me

  • Emma

    kinda helpful but zwinky 4 me dose not work

  • Emma

    yeah you must love cats..yeah we do you!

  • Mollie

    tryed all of them did not work um say dumb!

  • Breona78

    how do u hump boyz on meez

    • OmNom4evs

      LOL!! Tmi, kinda akward, my 6 year old cousin read this out loud -.- I laughed so hard

    • Jayceewright66

      Well im not gay but if i where you i would just jump on them

  • Breona78

    imvu is boaring fk these virus making websitz is zwinky A VIUS MAKINDING SITE HELL YEA DNT USE THATT WARNING U

  • Breona78

    wtf stardoll u little 3 yr older

  • Twinkle

    hi i am twinkle and i am 10 and pleaze dont tell that i am in imvu and my older bro who is 17 he thinks its a cartoon website

    • Mr.t

      hi twinkle dont tell either cause im 12 and my bros 18

  • mary joel




  • ThaDoughBoYSwag


  • SexyLezbo

    yall stupid

  • Cassandra6570

    I have to download Second life, i aint downloading it! waist of space

  • Tatyananichols1

    u cant f’n hump no f’n body on dat kid shit !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”* .

  • Fairchildkiara

    i luv imvu it’s so fucking awesome

  • Jassao

    i love imvu i have a boy friend there

  • Aundreaharper

    This is so cool

  • Bettyboopishara



    i hate the downloads to u cam get a virus

  • Maggiesmays

    I love IMVU too, but I can’t download it. if the creators of IMVU are seeing this you’ll have a lot more people join your site if it wasn’t downloadable.

  • Arianna

    I would like to play ActiveWorlds with no download please :)

  • adrianna

    last time i down loaded some my APPLE lap top got a virus and i had to pay another 1200 dollars to get a new one