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Facebook causes blue screen of death!!

While attempting to upload some of my photos from the weekend onto Facebook, the online social networking site, my PC blue screened on several occasions.

blue screenThinking that it was an issue related to my PC I attempted to have a go uploading some photos from another machine and again I received a ‘blue screen of death’ and windows kindly told me after a restart that my machine had just recovered from a serious error!

As much as I love using Facebook, I would seriously reconsider being a member if it’s going to start damaging my computer!

I’d be interested to know if anyone else has been having the same problems…

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  • ashb

    are you serious? it’s likely a problem w/ java

  • Dan

    I have had the same problem but when viewing photos, when i have scrolled over a photo to view a tag it has blue screened me twice!

  • Jamie Clouting

    Update: It looks like it was the java plug-in for firefox that caused the original problem.

    The latest update for firefox needs an additional download for the JSE to work.

  • John

    I see the same problem. When i click “Profile” on Facebook it forces my computer onto a BlueScreen and says it’s dumping storage.

    It seems to only happen when I surf on MY account. My wifes does’nt do it.

    Any Ideas?

    It seems to be ONLY Facebook.

  • EC

    For the record, it seems that my computer gets the Blue Screen of Death when I use facebook, too. And only facebook. What is going on?

  • Mobwars user

    I get the bluescreen when i’m on facebook mobwars after clicking the ‘fight’option. it doesn’t happen straight away, only happens after a few fights. It doesn’t happen when i use any other features on facebook, or other apps on the pc.

    interested tho, the blue screen said ‘Driver_IRQL_NOT_OR_EQUAL’and something about new hardware and software…..i did install a new soundcards a few days ago, and the blue screen never happened before…..

    it only seem to happen on facebook mobwars tho, i’m not gonna give up my new soundcard for facebook mobwars.

  • L.Mao

    Yeah, this happens to me too. Sometimes, when I quickly login and out nothing happens until a start surfing the net. Then boom another bsod.

  • She

    OMG! Thank god I am not alone. It has happened to both my pc & my fiances laptop within a day of each other. We have done nothing different other than play on the ‘flash’ applications on FACEBOOK.

  • Anthony Hempson

    This happened to me on FRIDAY 13th ! i thought it was because i hadnt renewed my norton antivirus ! seems like its just the computer doesnt have enough memory or physical resources to complete the task so crashes out !

    Im glad its not a virus ! I was getting worried !

  • Sumit

    Same is happening with me

  • Amy

    Yep. It happened to me too! And I personally know at least 4 other people that use Facebook who have had the blue screen of death. What’s up with this??? My computer is totally ruined. And I consider myself pretty savvy with computers and technology. I’d like to figure out what causes it so it doesn’t happen to me on my new computer. Who is responsible for this happening? Is it Facebook, Firefox or me??

  • Mark

    It’s not just Firefox, although it may be partially at fault, since it happens in IE as well. Facebook is definitely part of the problem because since my wife started going on that accursed site BSODs are a regular occurrence. Oddly enough the BSODs don’t always generate an error message in the Event Viewer or .dmp file even with the Error reporting option on.

  • Joel

    I guess you can welcome me to the club! I was uploading picture to “F” book, as I now call it when I got THE SCREEN. I have some additional issue but believe it is a boot problem. The notebook does not have a CD/DVR drive so I can’t run a repair. Any solution short of reinstalling the original image that the MFR was good enough to supply?

  • Aimee

    I’ve had similar problems. I usually get the THE SCREEN when I’ve been on the application farmville or just on Facebook. I am also reconsidering using this social networking site. But the THE SCREEN has ruined my whole user and spread to other users on my laptop too. I have been using Safari, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer to go on Facebook and I’ve had THE SCREEN on all of them. Please help.

  • Dieter

    Same here, i’ve seen it happen on Firefox and IEexplorer,
    the computer @ work has it realy bad,
    I have spend 2 day going trough the registry and adjusting BIOS setting, upgrading Flash, Java, explorer,etc.. but nothing seems to overcome the problem, still i was convinced it was a problem with the pc, untill it started happening on my home computer two…
    1 thing i do know is that it only happens when surfing on Facebook…

  • mark spencer willliamson jr 111

    I have the same problem, i thought it was itunes 9 causing it and the exact same screen popped up. so i uninstalled itunes 9 but it popped up again i think its facbooks fault but i am not very sure

  • mark spencer willliamson jr 111

    it also happened wen i went to mtv

  • Gunawan

    Hi….My Name is Gunawan from Indonesia
    i have experienced the same problem & it really going to stress me out badly…why is only facebook?
    i have run heavy program like adobe & autodesk 3dmax it works fine altough lagging a bit in the process, but never BSOd…-.-, oh yeah for the laptop is HP mini 210-1014, and already installed winxp from sp2, sp3 about 5 times fresh install,updated graphics driver, upgraded my RAM as well….wonder anyone have the solution for this?????

  • Matt

    Same thing here too — relatively new machine with Windows 7 Pro up to date, Norton Internet Security 2010, all the patches, etc.

    Twice today — once got a ntfs.sys driver error BSOD, the other time some memory fault/overflow that rebooted before I could read the whole thing.

    I’m wondering if there’s a malicious ad somewhere on there, I had one long ago that got blocked by Norton for attempting to launch a download for known malware.

  • janet butler

    i get the blue screen of death, only when i log in to farmville. its so annoying, how can i stop this

  • Marie_patrick

    How do you keep playing , even after you get theblue screen. I cant do anything on the computer. I now have two computers at Best Buy and they can’t seem to figure out what is wrong. This is the Geek Squad. My computers have been there for 2 days. What gives?????

  • Gotribefan28

    Yes, i keep getting the same thing on Facebook. Not from uploading photos, but just from clicking on other peoples photos and stuff in my news feed. totally messed up!

  • Gypsy Patti

    I also got BSOD when running Facebook…. but what’s the solution?