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SEO Bullshit Bingo

We work in an industry that is riddled with terminology that even we don’t understand half the time when someone says “Well that meme is something of a paradigm shift”, we nod sagely but really, we haven’t got a clue either. So in celebration of the bollocks that is talked at marketing meetings throughout the… Continue reading

Number One On The Google For "Number One On The Google"

PushON have been playing around with Viral Video, we’ve managed to achieve number one spot on Google for the fairly competitive term “Number one on the Google”*. The idea behind this video was based on experience of charlatans & cowboys in the industry who promise to get you to ‘Number one on the Google‘ for… Continue reading

What Are Social Media Aggregators and Branded RSS Feeds?

RSS Due to the widespread use of RSS* it’s become easier to pull in information, content, images, audio, news and comments from various locations and output in an easily digestible, or even branded display. * RSS is an abbreviation for many terms which attempt to describe the phenomenon, but most commonly ‘Really Simple Syndication‘. Wikipedia… Continue reading

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