Some Highlights from the SEOmoz Webinar: “Head Smacking Content Strategies”.

Just a few useful tips for people involved in formulating content strategies – from the recent SEOmoz webinar on content:

■Good and useful content needn’t just be a lump of continuous prose (the host of the webinar gives an example of a snowboard buying guide on a hugely successful sports company website – 4000 words with no pics)

■Use of images as diagrams for products with emboldened text so the reader knows where to focus – is a good idea.

■Very wordy content may rank well in Google BUT who is going to share an essay like page of continuous prose? – Making useful content which is attractive or at least accessible will mean people are more likely to share it.

■ Here are some different, more imaginative ways of delivering content:

– Video
– FAQs
– Infographic
– Diagrams
– Illustrations

■Infographics, diagrams, FAQs, videos can be seeded and you can build links to them (the webinar host gives an example of a snowboard binding guide video on YouTube that received 100,000 odd hits).


■Using Google Insights – take into consideration your ‘year’ traffic.

■For example: Taking the year ‘2012’ – if you add it to the product category within title tags and appropriate places on the page – your traffic could increase dramatically. This is especially important if you are in a fashion or eCommerce type business where trends change rapidly.

■The same tactic applies to videos.

■It makes sense to put in the associated year with eCommerce categories as this highly searched for (the host gives examples of YouTube suggested results).

■Also advocated – the use of iGoogle for keeping an eye on search rankings – Rather than having to go to Google insights all the time – you can set it up as your default page.


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