Accountancy firms are failing to make best use of the web, and could be missing out on potential business as a consequence, according to a new report.

The report, by, Online Marketing Group, a division of technology and marketing consultants, World Synergy, found that many of the firms surveyed, both large and small, employed very poor search engine optimisation (SEO) strategies.

Specifically, the report identified that 62% of the firms could not be found in any of Google’s top ten organic (in other words, non-sponsored) search engine rankings.

The report also found that whilst 62% of the smaller accounting firms surveyed included a page title on their home page, 38% did not use a keyword in the title, whilst 82% employed only a very weak keyword strategy.

Larger accountancy firms in the survey did not fare much better, with the report finding that 63% made very poor or non-existent use of keywords in their home page title; whilst only 20% made use of keywords in their domain name.

The report also identified a failure among smaller accountancy firms to take advantage of social media opportunities: 83%, the survey revealed, did not make any reference to social media on their websites.

On a more positive note, 73% of the larger firms surveyed did have a presence on at least one social media site.

Commenting on the report’s findings, its author, Online Marketing’s Mike Murray, said that:

“many firms aren’t paying enough attention to SEO’; which he described as a ‘powerful asset’ that could help them ‘grab more market share or boost profits”.