Study shows how demand for online media expertise has pushed up executive salaries

Study shows how demand for online media expertise has pushed up executive salaries

Rises for SEO'sThe growing importance of online media marketing and search engine optimisation for businesses has led to huge increases in the salaries of senior specialists in these fields, according to a recent report by IT recruitment consultancy, ReThink Recruitment.

The report reveals that since 2008, salaries for those with responsibility for such specialist IT areas as search engine optimisation (SEO) and pay per click (PPC) initiatives, have risen from an average £45,000 per year to £75,000 per year; a rise of nearly 70%.

According to the head of ReThink Recruitment’s executive division, Mark Geraghty, the high value placed on such roles is a reflection of the considerable financial investment which these companies have made in these sophisticated tools in recent years.

‘As businesses put ever bigger budgets into their online marketing efforts’, he explains, ‘this role has gone from being a relatively junior to a high status role’.

Geraghty adds that companies are willing to pay the best prices for the right expertise in order to simply guarantee ‘the best return on investment’.

He further points out that within some organisations, the online media marketing specialist role has been considered sufficiently crucial as to have been ranked as high as director level.

A second factor influencing high salaries in the online media sector, according to Geraghty, is the competition between internet savvy companies wishing to employ these experienced executives, and the digital marketing agencies hoping to hire them as consultants.