Over the past month or so i have noticed that Bing has been appearing more and more in my analytics data. In fact it has become a key referer with some sites and the new search engine seems to be getting some good levels of usage. With this in mind and last month’s post on ‘How to get listed in Bing Local‘ i thought i would explore the webmasters support for Bing. To my suprise i found they already launched a great new webmaster centre called the Bing toolbox.

bing webmaster tools

The Bing Toolbox gives you the latest blog posts from the webmasters blog while incorporating the usual features such as submit sitemaps. It’s very similar to Google and Yahoo’s versions however it feels more intuitive in some ways. The feedback it gives you is also excellent and very much worth in to.

To submit your sitemaps etc head over to http://www.bing.com/toolbox/ and follow the ‘Add A Site‘ link